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Links Updated 7/4/2016

Notes from Previous Meetings

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Mtg DateTopicPresentersCompanySession
12-04-14 afternoon
09-18-14 Technical Demonstration of BlueFinity's Evoke product Jim Holloway BlueFinity Int'l Afternoon
Presentation on Evoke, YouTube video clip Bob Markowitz Evening
06-19-14 Primer and presentation on cloud databases Mike Ruane Revelation Software Evening
04-17-14 Object programming and how it applies to generic BASIC Mark Brown Drexel Management Corp Evening
02-20-14 No Host Happy Hour and No Host Pizza - None - - None - Evening
12-05-13 Introduction of the DesignBais toolset Rick WeiserDesignBaisAfternoon
Overview of DesignBais, look at some applications powered by DesignBais and a few testimonialsEvening
10-17-13 Using AccuTerm to bridge the character / GUI gap Mark Brown Drexel Management Corp Evening
"Using PICK as the tool to build your SPA" - AngularJs/Rocket RESTful Mike Petryk Customer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP)
06-20-13Afternoon training session using Revelation's 04W. During the evening session, Mike discussed the theory, showed and examined the application's codeMike RuaneRevelation SoftwareAfternoon
04-18-13Supporting a BYOD policy with MS technologyJim BohnMicrosoftEvening
02-21-13Bill Winter presented the latest U2 and Pick friendly enterprise level products from Rocket Software.Bill WinterRocket SoftwareEvening
12-06-12My Pick Cloud - MultiValue in the Cloud - "Worry Free DBaaS"Mark PickPick CloudEvening
10-18-12 Technical Overview of the newest Caché (MV).
Some of the challenges in converting to it from other Pick(like) products.
Jeff SemmensIntersystemsAfternoon
New technologies for all of us from InterSystems.
06-21-12 Five Things you need to know about using CGI for the WebMike MartinGM NameplateEvening
The Lazy Man's Guide to Source ControlMike PetrykCustomer Service Delivery Platform (CSDP)
04-19-12 Mike will be showing the attendees the latest OpenInsight version . 9.3.1. He'll be demonstrating the Banded Report Writer, new Connector technology . to Ladybridge.s QM database, as well as to mvBase, or D3, or U2. Mike will also be showing the enhanced OpenInsight for Web - O4W - features, including their mobile extensions, and showing a few live demo sites, if time and connectivity permits. Mike Ruane Revelation Systems Afternoon
02-16-12 Review Universe / SQL connections and "best practices" for how U2 supports the web and web driven apps Bill Winter Rocket Software Afternoon
Rocket U2: Your Technology Platform for the Future Susie Siegesmund
Vice President Rocket Software
12-08-11 Technical overview and newest features of DesignBais version 6 Rick WeiserDesignBaisAfternoon
Overview of DesignBais, look at some applications powered by DesignBais and a few testimonialsEvening
10-20-11 Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Why, how, where, and with what to use between SSRS/WPF and my data (with source files)
Antoon Houben
Mark Schramm
FusionWare Integration Corp.Afternoon
Discussing new Media and how it relates to business opportunitiesEvening
06-16-11 Drew Conboy of Drexel Management covering BlueFinity mv.NET solutions. Drew ConboyDrexel Management ServicesAfternoon
04-21-11 "Nothin' but .NET" - presenting their mvLynx Managed Provider (ADO.NET) for multi-value databases Antoon Houben
Mark Schramm
Fusionware Integration CorpAfternon
02-17-11 Technical overview of Rocket's new product, DataVu Bill WinterRocket SoftwareAfternoon
12-09-10 No man is an island and your data shouldn't be either... Mark FullerNorthgate-RealityAfternoon
MultiValue Round Table - what should it achieve, what are the limits, etc. Mark PickEvening
10-21-10 Open Source Web Technology - moving data into and out of U2 Kevin KingPrecision SolutionsAfternoon
08-05-10 SAPUG go to the Ball Game - Texas Rangers at Seattle  Evening
06-17-10 Greg discussed / demonstrated Welland's U2 to SQL (and others) Export System. Greg PlauntWellandAfternoon
04-22-10 Demonstration of OpenInsight 9.2 Mike RuaneRevelation SoftwareAfternoon
02-18-10 Susie Siegesmund tells us about Rocket Software and their plans for the U2 product line. Susie SiegesmundRocket SoftwareEvening
12-03-09 The session gives a technical overview of the features of DesignBais Rick Weiser DesignBaisAfternoon
Rick's tall tales about his heroic efforts to bring order to our Multivalue creations. Evening
10-15-09 Demonstrate Reality's data encryption and Failsafe product. Mark Fuller NorthgateAfternoon
What Northgate has been up to and future plans. Mark Fuller
Mark Pick
08-27-09 SAPUG goes to the Ball Game - Kansas City at Seattle  Evening
06-18-09 Demonstrating their DeepSee Embedded Real Time Business Intelligence product working with MultiValue data.(presentations). Lee BursteinInterSystemsAfternoon
04-16-09 Detailed demonstatrion of Kore Technologies's Kourier Integrator application (presentation). Mark DobranskyKore TechnologiesAfternoon
02-19-09 Preview of Ross's International Spectrum presentation: "Beginning Business Intelligence" Ross MorrisseyTantiviaAfternoon
Tantiva's Velocity product demonstrationBrian BondEvening
12-04-08 A deeper look into IBM U2 technology Bill WinterIBMAfternoon
New features of recent and upcoming releasesSusie SiegesmundEvening
10-16-08 Importing and Exporting Excel from your MultiValue Applications Nathan RectorInternational SpectrumAfternoon
International Spectrum and the MultiValue MarketplaceEvening
08-21-08 SAPUG goes to the Ball Game - Oakland at Seattle  Evening
06-19-08 Creating Custom Dashboards and More with MITS Discover 7.0Gary OwenMITSEvening
04-17-08 Real Data Warehouses: Not Just a Bunch of Data Clifton OliverInternational SpectrumAfternoon
You Pay Peanuts, You Get MonkeysEvening
02-21-08 Technical walk through of DesignBais 4.2.Rick WeiserDesignBaisAfternoon
Getting your Application to MarketEvening
12-06-07 Free and easy web-based dashboards for Pick systems.Luke BucklinSierra BravoAfternoon
10-18-07 Comments about the java and .net frameworks, along with what the .net framework and is not. Tony GravagnoNebula-RnD.comAfternoon
For those people considering .NET solutions and demonstating mv.NET.Evening
09-20-07 Exciting enhancements to MITS Report and MITS Discover with some Web 2.0 technologiesSam Alston
Dave Tarico
Discussing challenges rolling out a truly massive UniVerse project propelling Market America to a billion dollar companySteve Ritchie Market AmericaEvening
05-17-07 Access 2007 & SharePoint v.3 from the Multi-Valued perspective (slides) Zac WoodallMicrosoftEvening
03-15-07 Show how to install, give a brief tour, build webservices and webpages, etc.Steve Roselius InterSystems - CachéAfternoon
Talk about InterSystems and why more MV applications developers are partnering with themTim ShanahanEvening
01-31-07 Presentation on CTO and OpenInsign Products and their agreement with IBMMike RuaneRevelation SoftwareEvening
12-07-06 Features of D3 7.5 WorkshopRick DaviesRaining DataAfternoon
Leveraging the latest Raining Data technologyEvening
10-11-06 Bringing Business and IT Together (slides)Dave WellsThe Data Warehousing InstituteEvening
09-21-06 Business Intelligence Project (slides)Michael Hannigan Via SystemsAfternoon
Via System's myViewpoint (slides)Evening
08-24-06 Software Development's Low Hanging Fruit (slides)Steve McConnellConstrux Software BuildersEvening
06-15-06 End-to-End AJAX (slides)Dawn WolthuisTincat GroupAfternoon
Is Codd Dead?Evening
04-20-06 Analytical and operational reporttingRoss MorrisseyMITSAfternoon
MITS ReportFred Owen
Colin Sherman
02-16-06 DesignBais technical overviewRick WeiserDesignBaisAfternoon
DesignBais news and future featuresDave BryantEvening
12-08-05 Integrating U2 products with other IBM technologiesBill WinterIBMAfternoon
Current status of U2 products at IBMJackie BurhansEvening
10-20-05 OpenInsight's Character To OpenInsight functionalityMike RuaneRevelation SoftwareAfternoon
09-15-05 Why Java? Why keep business logic in MV?Shawn Dodd
Richard Nuckolls
Business reasons to use Java in an MV environmentRichard Nuckolls
Shawn Dodd
06-16-05 Showing examples of FusionWare's Integration ServerMark Schramm FusionWareAfternoon
Why and how to inexpensively communicate with other systemsEvening
04-21-05 In-depth view of AccuTerm GUI application dev environmentPeter Schellenbach Accusoft EnterprisesAfternoon
Why modernize the user interface and Accuterm GUI demoEvening
02-17-05 OpenQM initative - only mv db available under GPL!Doug DumitruEasyCoAfternoon
12-07-04 Hypercube building WorkshopRoss MorrisseyMITSAfternoon
Shared experiences working with IBM and their largest VARPat GilbroughEvening
10-20-04 RFID solutions and current case studiesDiane Bostick
Scott Pugh
Intermec TechnologiesEvening
09-16-04 Presentation on their new business ventureMark Pick
Eric Swenson
Highroad Information TechnologyEvening
06-15-04 Discussed the importance of Sarbanes-Oxley and PRC - Software Config MgmtSusan JoslynSJ+ Systems AssociatesAfternoon
04-22-04 Reviewed their techincal experiences with RedbackJeff Brady
Mark Brady
Northwest Information SystemsAfternoon
Reviewed highlights of the recent Int'l Spectrum showEvening
02-18-04 Presentation of Universe as both http server and client to create webpagesRoss MorrisseyPhotoWorksAfternoon
2nd Annual Roundtable: Free software and the Multi-value worldVariousVariousEvening
12-04-03 Roundtable discussionGreg Helland
John Henry
Revelation Software
JC Henry
Presentation of Revelation's newest version of OpenInsight (slides)Greg HellandRevelation SoftwareEvening
10-16-03 Open forum about the new U2 Developer CertificationRoss MorrisseyPhotoWorksAfternoon
Update on U2 product strategy (slides)Susie SiegesmundIBMEvening
09-18-03 Informal discussion on what types of business questions Nucleus could answerHarvey Rodstein Binary Star DevelopmentAfternoon
Presentation about their Nucleus productEvening
06-19-03 The Emerging Era in Business Computing - using XML-based .Net protocolsTadao MachidaMicrosoftAfternoon
Presentation on the 1MAGE document imaging/management systemRay GriffithOne ImageEvening
05-15-03 Presentation on Via System's ViaDuct, WebWizard and UnivisionBryan ShumskyVia SystemsEvening
A user's perspective of Via System's WebWizardScott HilsenKeller SupplyEvening
02-27-03 Using Apache to leverage your MultiValue DatabaseRoss MorrisseyPhotoWorksAfternoon
Free and Open Source Software and the MultiValue WorldVariousVariousEvening
12-05-02 MITS held a seminar for end-users interested in Data ManipulationPat GilbroughMITSAfternoon
Discussed the latest developments of IBM's U2 family of productsBill WinterIBMEvening
10-17-02 jBASE sponsored the meeting, speakers from the Regional Spectrum showVariousjBASEEvening
09-19-02 Interesting and insightful presentation on integrating XML with a multi-vauled databaseMike Hiatt
Art Oberbeck
06-20-02 Technical briefing and demonstration of the abilities of OpenInsight and plans for the next 2 yearsMike RuaneRevelation SoftwareEvening
04-18-02 Presentation on AvRad, a multivalue development tool that uses Raining Data's mvDesignerFrank HanshawAvexxis CorpEvening
02-28-02 Spoke on the subjects of "Rapid Development and Accelerating Time to Market"Steve McConnellConstrux SoftwareEvening
12-13-01 Pick Trivia, Christmas party, and elect new board membersVariousVariousEvening
11-15-01 Mars / Viking LanderProfessor TillmanU of WashingtonEvening
09-20-01 IBM U2 UpdateSusie SiegesmundIBMEvening
06-21-01 GA eXpressD. BunkerGeneral AutomationEvening
04-19-01 jBASE UpdateM. EwingjBASEEvening
02-15-01 uV Objects/uniVerse/VBWilliam TimbrookPhotoWorksEvening
12-14-00 Pick Systems, Christmas party, and elect new board membersS. King
J. Voorhees
Pick SystemsEvening
09-21-00 MV Performance - Tech TalkBrian BondPhotoWorksEvening
06-22-00 jBASE UpdateJ. HollowayjBASEEvening
04-20-00 GA eXpressD. Bunker
L. Christensen
General AutomationEvening
02-17-00 MITSPat GilbroughMITSEvening
12-16-99 Ardent / Informix and 1mage, Christmas party, and elect new board membersJ. Burhans
R. Griffith
10-25-99 Pick Systems and customerJ. VoorheesPick SystemsEvening
09-16-99 Ardent technical updateBill WinterArdentEvening
06-17-99 System Security and How to keep your JobBrian Bond
Mark Brady
Northwest Information Systems
04-22-99 Y2K and PickShelah FreyWright GroupEvening
02-18-99 Pick Vs. SQL ServerUnknownUnknownEvening
12-17-98 Data Warehousing, Christmas party, and board electionsRoss MorrisseyPhotoWorksEvening
10-15-98 Pick and the WebBrian Bond
Ross Morrissey

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