April 21st, 2005
Using AccuTerm 2K2 to Create Intelligent User Interfaces for MultiValue Applications

An Extended Technical Session

Speaker: Peter Schellenbach, President, Accusoft Enterprises

This session provided an in-depth view of the AccuTerm GUI application environment with an emphasis on training MultiValue developers to enable them to create simple GUI applications.  A sample application was created illustrating the use of the GUI Designer to create a GUI project.  Event-driven programming techniques were discussed, followed by practical techniques for using GUI events to invoke specific database functions, such as reading and writing records and validating data.  GUI features to be discussed include forms, labels, edit controls, lists, option buttons, check boxes, tabs, command buttons, menus and toolbars.  The user of grids to handle related multi-valued datasets is also discussed.

Session Highlights:
● In-depth view of AccuTerm GUI development environment
● Using the GUI Designer
● Event driven programming for the MultiValue developer
● GUI objects: form, edit control, list, option button, check box, tab, menu, toolbar
● Using a grid to handle related multi-values

Evening Session: Using AccuTerm 2K2 To Create Intelligent User Interfaces for MultiValue Applications

An Overview for Prospective or Existing Users
Speaker: Peter Schellenbach, President, Accusoft Enterprises

This session highlighted the deficiencies of typical character based user interfaces commonly used in MultiValue Applications and describe techniques to create modern, intelligent user interfaces.  An evolutionary approach to modernizing the user interface was presented.  A sample data entry application was used to illustrate the evolution of the user interface from the most rudimentary character-based interface, adding visual attributes, then applying AccuTerm Visual Styles to create a modern-looking character-based user interface.  The sample program was then adapted using the Smart User Interface Library, resulting in a user interface that looks and works much like Windows.  Finally, the sample application was enhanced to include a full graphical user interface using Accuterm GUI, resulting in a true Windows user interface, but written entirely in MultiValue BASIC.

Session Highlights
● Why modernize the user interface
● Simple techniques to improve the "look" of the user interface
● Using the Smart User Interface Library to create a robust character-based user interface
● Using Accuterm GUI to create a full graphical user interface.