Thursday, Apr 17th 2007

Clifton Oliver

Afternoon Session
Real Data Warehouses: Not Just a Bunch of Data
The phrase “data warehouse” is now a ubiquitous term in the information management industry. But many people who use the term confuse it with other large data collections—historical transaction stores, reporting servers, etc. In fact, data warehouses have specific characteristics and goals.

During this in-depth technical session we will explore the unique features of data warehouses and data marts, multidimensional data modeling, data structures, procedures, and management issues.

Evening Session
You Pay Peanuts, You Get Monkeys
If you are a MultiValue software house or consultant, you cannot charge the same as the Oracle developers do. If you are a MultiValue tools vendor, you cannot expect to charge as much for your products as your competitors in the DB2 market charge; MultiValue shops just won't pay it. And if you are a MultiValue programmer, you're always going to be on the low end of the industry's pay scale.


It is time to stop suffering from the MultiValue Inferiority Complex. Let's talk about how this problem came about, examine how other “technology minorities” deal with not being “mainstream,” and discuss how all of us can not just survive but thrive as MultiValue professionals.