Apr 18th, 2013

2013 Consumer Device Usage Survey Findings

"Supporting a BYOD policy with MS technology"

Jim Bohn will be presenting on Supporting a BYOD policy with MS technology. Come see Jim teach about Desktop virtualization, Mobile device management and securing data. Jim is a 20 plus year Veteran in software industry. He brings experience with Adobe(Aldus), Luminous, Lariat software, and currently 8 years at Microsoft.

Many Forecasts are showing a shift in corporate provisioning towards Windows 8 and Android Devices. Last Year's Multivalue Shows common theme was tablets and mobile devise as the delivery device. In recent survey (ITLEx Consumer Device Usage Findings 2013) 70 Plus percent of organization perceive security risk for Android devices. And over 50% of organizations will provide access to Corporate applications on mobile devices.

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help customers embrace consumerization - whether that's BYOD, CYOD (choose from a corporate sanctioned array of devices) or some other form of device freedom that breaks with the past. Microsoft offers a strong management & security platform that spans Microsoft, Mac & Linux, and we have a great productivity experience with Office 365 that users will want. All on devices that offer many different types of form factors (including Surface), and with a unified application development platform that allows developers to expand their offerings to new audiences without having to develop across multiple models/toolsets.