Dec 7th, 2004

MITS Hyper-Cube-building Workshop 1:00 - 5:00 PM. MITI held a workshop where you could learn how to design and build a MITS demonstration cube.

Evening Session: Pat Gilbrough, MITI President, shared his experiences working with IBM and IBM's largest U2 VAR embedding MITS in a solution that represents a huge win for MultiValue.

MITS (Management Information Tool Software) is an Interactive Reporting / On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) tool for gathering, managing, distributing and analyzing data for improved strategic and tactical decision-making. MITS is the only OLAP tool with drill-down capabilities that is native to the MultiValue environment.

See the power of MITS today by visiting the MitsWeb Demo MitsWeb provides the full power of MITS through a standard web browser to any internet/intranet connected computer.

MITS runs natively in UniData, UniVerse, D3, jBASE, mvBase, and mvEnterprise