Dec 7th, 2006

Annual Christmas Gala with fabulous prizes!
2007 Board Elections

Raining Data Logo Rick Davies, Vice President of Customer Service-Major Accounts for Raining Data, coordinates technical and customer satisfaction issues with our largest customers. Rick has been working with the Pick environment since 1976, first writing a wide variety of applications for a company that was a very early Pick System user. Rick began his career at Raining Data, formerly Pick Systems, 20 years ago in MIS then moving to sales support, then to phone support. In the technical support department, Rick's commitment to customer service excellence moved him from domestic manager of technical support to the customer service director where he oversaw the company's domestic and international customer service and technical support program. Rick's knowledge of Raining Data's products and services as well as his long standing relationship with our customers, enhances Raining Data's ability to provide a responsive customer focused support organization.

Afternoon Session:
Features of D3 7.5 Workshop: Raining Data's recently released D3 7.5 product is the result of a direct collaborative effort between our supported customers and Raining Data's product development, customer service and quality assurance teams. In this session, Rick will explain and demonstrate the significant enhancements, installation/upgrade procedures and key areas of performance and functionality positively impacted with this release.

Evening Session:
Raining Data continues to invest in improving and extending the functionality of our products and services that thousands of businesses rely on for mission critical applications. The release of product updates with improved performance and solid fixes and enhancements, is the result of the strong collaboration between Raining Data and our valued customer base. Join us for more information about how you can leverage the latest Raining Data technology with your vertical application.