Thursday, Dec 6th 2007

Free and easy web-based dashboards for Pick systems, made possible by nerds.

Luke Bucklin, Sierra Bravo President (and total nerd) will present a new web-based dashboard toolset built for Pick systems. Come and see a demo of the dashboard builder you can use to set up custom dashboards for each of your users. You'll learn how you can easily write small programs to display data on your dashboard--keep tabs on your license levels, watch your open AR, and easily expose data and functionality from your Pick system on the web. The dashboard uses its own HTTP server, so installation is a simple one-step process that won't interfere with any existing web integration. Best of all it's free, thanks to the nerds at Sierra Bravo.

About Sierra Bravo:
With well over two centuries of Pick experience on staff and an army of web-savvy nerds, Sierra Bravo's team are the go-to geeks for companies wanting to expand their capabilities without scrapping their MultiValue investment.

Door prizes we may be running low on Pegasus clocks but join us for a chance to win MultiValue stocking stuffers including a full pass to the International Spectrum Conference in Newport Beach March 31st to April 4th 2008.