Dec 6th, 2012

My Pick Cloud
MultiValue in the Cloud - "Worry Free DBaaS"

By the year 2015, industry analysts say cloud computing will represent a $150 billion industry. More than 30% of IT budgets will be moved from traditional applications and infrastructures to cloud computing.

On December 6, join Mark Pick at the SAPUG meeting to find out how MultiValue can play in the cloud. Learn how you can extend your MultiValue investment. Putting your PICK system into the cloud translates into no worries. No more purchasing hardware or hardware maintenance, no downtime due to power outages or hardware failures, no capacity planning. Put your focus back where it belongs . on your business.

In October, MyPickCloud polled the MultiValue community to gather their thoughts on MultiValue in the cloud. At this meeting, the results of that survey will be shared with the SAPUG attendees. In addition to speaking about how MultiValue can play in the cloud and survey results, Mark will be giving away an iPad mini!