DesignBais, the premium RAD tool for MultiValue and the web is hosting the afternoon and evening sessions at the SAPUG's December meeting.

Afternoon Session

In this session, you will be treated to an introduction of the DesignBais toolset. You will see just how simple it is to start with a MultiValue or .beyond. file/table and build a simple application. Then with a flick of a switch deploy it on any PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device.

Evening Session

DesignBais is always improving and developing new techniques to make the most of browsers, devices and also databases. See what our clients have been doing with DesignBais to create best-of-breed, world-class applications.

DesignBais is a tightly-couple RAD development tool for MultiValue and "beyond".

We are certain you will find it "beyond" enlightening.

Every attendee will receive a free DesignBais developer license.