February 18, 2004

Afternoon Session: SAPUG Past President Ross Morrissey shared the presentation he is giving at the International Spectrum Show in Las Vegas. Attendees learned about real world examples using Universe as both http server and client to create Web browser interfaces, automate and deliver reports, and move data between systems. Also covered: Getting data into and out of Universe from Unix shells, perl, PHP, and other free tools.


Evening Session: SAPUG held its 2nd Annual Roundtable Discussion:

   Free software and the Multi-value world.

On the evening meeting panel were:
   Bill Campbell - Unix Guru
   Brian Bond - ECommerce pioneer and visionary
   Rand Cufley - Master of integrating free software with MultiValue
   Ross Morrissey - Moderator
   The rest of us - our questions and experiences.

  Thank you for your interest in SAPUG!