Feb 16th, 2012

Rocket Software

Are you aware that SAPUG is the only Pick/MultiValue User Group where Susie regularly speaks?

Once again, we have the special privilege of having Susie Siegesmund, Vice President Rocket Software, General Manager Rocket U2, speak to us about Rocket.s U2 Technology Platform. Her topic will be "Rocket U2: Your Technology Platform for the Future". She will provide a brief overview of Rocket Software followed by a review of the success the U2 Business as a Rocket Brand, and then a glimpse of where Rocket heading with the U2 databases in the future.

Susie will bring some Rocket U2 logo give-aways for the meeting and even more important. She will be offering a $500.00 coupon towards the registration to the Denver U2 Uninverity 2012 event. This coupon will be raffled off at the meeting. Rocket has a page (http://u2u.rocketsoftware.com/) up about U2U-2012 and will be adding content to the page as they progress.
Rocket is proud to announce that our U2 University 2012 US training event will be held May 8 to May 10 in downtown Denver.
They look forward to helping you "Achieve Your Potential" throughout our event! Plan on attending informative lectures, even more labs than last year, and our popular certification exams, which are free with your registration. You will be able to meet with members of the U2 staff and our event sponsors and to network with other U2 customers.
Also, for the first time Rocket is offering offer the opportunity to learn about other Rocket Software products and service offerings beyond the scope of our U2 Database Servers and Tools. They invite you to listen to insightful discussions and watch demos on products in the areas of Business Intelligence and Analytics; Storage, Networks, and Compliance; Application Development, Integration, and Modernization; and Database Servers and Tools.
Registration is coming soon!.

Afternoon Session - 3:00pn to 5:00pm

Bill Winter, Sales Engineer, U2 Data Servers and Tools, Rocket Software will speak on two topics (about 1 hour each) for our afternoon technical session.

     1. Review the variety of ways Universe connects with SQL or provides SQL compatible services
     2. Review some of the "best practices" methods on how U2 Supports the web and web driven apps

Networking Hour (Lounge) - 5:15pm to 6:15pm

Dinner - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Evening Presentation - 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Susie Siegesmund, Vice President Rocket Software, General Manager Rocket U2 - Rocket U2: Your Technology Platform for the Future.