Feb 21st, 2013

Bill Winter will present at the evening session these latest U2 and PICK friendly enterprise level products from Rocket Software. You won't want to miss this event because we will be celebrating with Bill his retirement.

Aldon - Our ALM solutions help simplify software development by providing you with the infrastructure to automate everything that happens from the moment a change request comes up until the time you deliver your solution into production. No matter how complex, Rocket ALM products ensure that your IT requests, projects, changes, and releases are consistently tracked, managed, and readily accessible across your entire IT organization.from the service desk to application development, to operations and to management. And it is all automated.

CorVu - Address all of your organization.s business analysis requirements with one rapidly-deployed, cost-efficient product. CorBusiness addresses all of an organization.s business analysis needs.interactive reports, graphical analysis, pivot tables, ad-hoc reporting, forecasting, and data mining. Most importantly, performance analysis and decision support systems can be purpose-built by business users with limited burden on IT.

LegaSuite - LegaSuite Mobile offers the fastest way to create enterprise mobile applications. You can develop enterprise mobile applications for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets, as well as develop HTML5 applications that work on any mobile browser.

NetCure - automated 24 x 7 management of networks, servers, and applications Rocket NetCure Enterprise autodiscovers and manages complex multi-vendor networks correlating events across traditional management boundaries. Improve availability of enterprise services with real-time automated root cause analysis of failures and predictive performance metrics.