June 19, 2003

Afternoon Session: The Emerging Era in Business Computing with Tadao Machida from Microsoft Corp (Lead Software Test Engineer, Microsoft Dot Net Frameworks)

Web services is the back-end portion of Dot Net, and is the component that allows connectivity/discovery capability between disparate systems. Mr. Machida reviewed what it takes to have a dynamic two-way conversation with an XML-enabled server using XML-based Dot Net protocols.


Evening Session: Ray Griffith, of 1MAGE Software Inc., spoke about the 1MAGE document imaging/management system, which allows you to file, route, track, archive and manage all incoming and outgoing information.


   Every piece of paper,
   Every electronic document,
   Every thing you file,
   A million images but only one source,
   All applications,
   All documents,
   All together.

This is 1mage (One Image - www.1mage.com ), our featured product and speaker for the evening.

We're excited about 1mage - not only do they offer a product that is potentially useful to a number of traditional multi-value industries (healthcare, transportation, public safety) - they are a UniVerse success story too and might well provide that extra bit of ammo to keep your shop multivalue.

"There is simply no need for a database administrator in an IBM UniVerse shop. That's a saving of at least $100,000 per year in DBA costs, right off the bat."

--Peter Anderson, VP and CTO, 1mage Software, Inc.


(or goto www-3.ibm.com/software/success and search for 1mage)