June 15, 2004

Afternoon/Evening Session: Susan Joslyn of SJ+ Systems Associates, Inc. discussed the importance of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.
Susan also demonstrated PRC®...


It's trickle-down all over again. The purpose of this congressional Act is to require specific compliance and records-keeping to validate financial records. Not publicly traded? That’s okay, are you doing business with anyone that is? And, while the officers of the company that are specifically threatened with jail time are the CEO and the CFO, much of the burden for implementation will come down to the CIO and IT staff.

More computers, more software and better practices will be required and IT will be expected to come up with the goods. And the officers of your company will be looking to you , IT -- perhaps even breathing down your neck -- for guidance.

PRC® - complete software development life-cycle management for Multivalue:

 In today's international business climate, audit and compliance are getting a great deal of attention. The change control and other aspects of software development life-cycle management are a key element in this compliance and PRC provides the frame work and automation to make compliance possible. It provides a soup-to-nuts solution, encompassing all aspects of software management from problem reporting, traditional project management, source control (change control / version control), test management, automatic deployment with rollback and a host of tools and utilities to make managing the development life-cycle clearer and software better.


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