June 18th with InterSystems

We hope you will join SAPUG and Lee Burstein, Product Manager, InterSystems Corp on Thursday, June 18, 2009 for an in-depth look at what InterSystems has to offer the MultiValue world. Please note that the afternoon session starts earlier because it will be a hands on (for those who bring their laptops) installation and demo of Caché and its DeepSee application.

For an interesting view (and viewpoint), take a look at the latest InterSystems news release with Owen Mecham’s YouTube presentations at DevCon2009.

Owen Mecham, a MultiValue programmer analyst at Brasher’s Auto Auctions, explains why Brasher’s selected InterSystems Caché®, and how Caché outperforms the MultiValue competition.

YouTube: Caché Outperforms the MV Competition

This YouTube clip was part of a larger presentation titled “Why Every MV Shop Should Consider Caché”. In it, Owen raves about how Brasher’s has realized significant productivity gains by porting their MV application to Caché, as well as the benefits of Caché, and partnering with InterSystems. 

Watch the entire presentation: “Why Every MV Shop Should Consider Caché”

Afternoon Session - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

InterSystems is sponsoring a 1/2 day hands on workshop demonstrating their DeepSee Embedded Real Time Business Intelligence product working with MultiValue data. Bring your Windows laptop to participate and receive a copy of Caché licensed for DeepSee and MultiValue. During the workshop you will install Caché, work with DeepSee to analyse sample MultiValue data, build a dashboard and take it all home to play with at your leisure.

Evening Presentation - 7:30pm to 9:00pm

The evening session will include a higher level presentation and product demonstration that focuses more on the product benefits, features, and return on investment.