Jun 20th, 2013

Coming right out of the exciting Buzz created by Revelations International Conference, we are fortunate to Have Mike Ruane Presenting at the June SAPUG meeting! During a training session to be held in the afternoon, Mike will work with attendees and create a mobile, browser-based application using O4W . Open Insight for the Web. Mike will be bringing a server, wireless and wired router, and a MultiValue data source on a server. The class will then create the application, using nothing more than BASIC . No java, JavaScript, or HTML required. At the end of the class attendees will receive source code to the complete application. A device that the user can type comfortably on, has a modern web browser, and that has wireless capabilities (Laptop, tablet) is required for the session. At the evening presentation, mike will discuss the theory used in the afternoon, show the application created, and examine the code.