Thursday, March 15th

InterSystem's Caché: Post-relational DatabaseInterSystem's Caché: Post-relational Database

Tim Shanahan, Senior Account Manager and Steve Roselius, InterSystem Senior Sales Engineer will be on hand to present the features and benefits of the Caché Database engine.

InterSystems Caché® is a new generation of ultra-high-performance database technology. It combines an object database, high-performance SQL, and powerful multidimensional data access - all of which can simultaneously access the same data. Data is only described once in a single integrated data dictionary and is instantly available using all access methods. Caché provides levels of performance, scalability, rapid programming, and ease of use unattainable by relational technology.

Afternoon session:
Steve will show us an install of Caché, give us a brief tour, build webservices, webpages and show odbc examples and also talk about using java and .net with Caché.

Evening presentation:
Tim will tell us more about InterSystems itself and about why more and more MV application developers are partnering with InterSystems.