October 20th , 2005

Mike Ruane, President of Revelation Presents OpenInsight

Mike Ruane, president and CEO of Revelation Software, showed the functionality of OpenInsight’s new CTO (Character to OpenInsight) functionality. With this new set of features, built into OpenInsight release 7.2 and above, MV developers will be able to take an account save of their existing application and restore the saved account as an application within OpenInsight.  All files will be created in a specified location, all dictionaries will be converted as best as possible and all character-based programs will be able to compile and run as is under a VT100 emulation.  Support will also be provided for PROC, a line editor and TCL.

At the same time, while their existing apps are running in character mode, the developer can begin to take advantage of the functionality of the GUI feature in OpenInsight