Oct 11th, 2006

The Data Warehousing Institute
The Data Warehousing Institute
Dave Wells, Director of Education
Bringing Business and IT Together
Working relationships between Business and IT groups have been troubled since the dawn of the information age. Poor working relationships have a high cost to the organization in many ways. As the interdependencies of business and technology grow, the cost of failed relationships also increases. It is essential that Business/IT working relationships undergo fundamental and systemic change if the value of information technology is to be fully realized. Almost everyone is familiar with the symptoms and many of us recognize the problem, yet few know how to correct the problem. This presentation offers a systematic approach to address real problems and improve business/IT working relationships through continuous attention to organizational alignment.

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Intl Spectrum LogoThis meeting was in conjunction with Seattle Regional Spectrum conference at Holiday Inn - SeaTac Airport. International Spectrum provided three full passes for the Seattle Spectrum Conference, October 11th - 12th. One winner was drawn from each of the three previous SAPUG meetings. Thanks to Nathan Rector and Int'l Spectrum for their support!