Thursday, Oct 18th 2007

Tony Gravagno Tony Gravagno has been in the Pick market for over 25 years. In 1995 he joined Pick Systems where he served as Support Technician, QA Manager, Corporate Technical Account Manager, and finally as DBMS Product Manager for Raining Data. In 2001 Tony started Nebula Research and Development to focus on providing unique services and products for all Pick/MV platforms, allowing VARs to sell more software and end-users to get the most from their IT investment. Today Nebula R&D has partnerships and distribution agreements with companies and individuals around the world. Tony has collaborated on published books and magazine articles related to .NET, and has authored many articles for the MV market on a variety of topics. He comes to us as a community pundit - always thought provoking, often controversial - with information and insight for all IT and managment levels.

For an example of the diverse topics he tackles, visit:

Afternoon: The Afternoon session will be on the .NET Framework: what it is and is not, who can use it, alternatives to .NET, where it fits with *nix, and how all of this applies to MV. This is intended for decision makers looking for strategic direction, IT staff who want to know what this means for them, and vendors who want to know what they should be recommending to their clients. This presentation should lead you to that final "Oh, I get it!"

Evening: Following up on the afternoon session, the evening session is intended for those now considering solutions which make use of .NET. This discussion will profile mv.NET as a valuable tool for a variety of applications. Details include a brief look at code to access MV structures and programs, update relational data, and allow your MV application to provide Web Services. The goal is to help bridge the mental gaps, and clarify how to get from here to there when connecting your MV application with the world.