October 17th, 2013

Technical Roundtable

Next meeting is going to be Great. A technical Round Table. We have a couple members demonstrating Successful Hacks.

Bridge the gap between character and GUI and leverage you existing multi value code using AccuTerm. Create windows forms completely controllable from within multi value. Presented by Mark Brown, former manager of software engineers for Pick/Raining Data. And "Using PICK as the tool to build your SPA" - Building your run anywhere and anytime web / mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is of course connected into your PICK database. Presented by Mike Petryk who is successfully presenting multivalue solutions to the top web presences today.

Come have a beer with us and join in the technical discussion. This is going to be an exciting dinner with lots of opinions. Don.t miss these and other great hacks for huge wins with great time to value. Call your multivalue colleagues past and present to come enjoy a Technical Discussion.