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Tim Spells and Rick Weiser

OASYS from onsystex

OASYS from Onsystex provides a totally integrated platform of technology products designed to help "open" MultiValue applications to modern databases, service architectures and user interfaces.

Onsystex has been committed to the modernization of Multi-Valued (MV) applications for a decade. Onsystex has been focused primarily on surfacing complex MV data in normalized forms accessible to a broad range of application development and reporting technologies. Onsystex.s flagship product OASYS | SERVER provides an MV runtime which enables the execution of existing MV applications on SQL vs. the MV file system.

SAPUG Afternoon Technical session:

In this session, attendees will be treated to a demo of the OASYS | OMNI, and OASYS | WEB a suite of web integration tools and OASYS | BRIDGE.

OASYS | OMNI is a web-based configuration framework native to U2 and Multi-Value flavors which provides MV developers and .NET/JAVA developers a common framework to support modern web and service development. OMNI represents a totally unique approach to how MV applications will surface their capabilities as reusable services that natively drive web, mobile and external applications.

OASYS | WEB is an Enterprise Level server based terminal emulation solution. ENABLE, the Viewer provides instant terminal access to key business systems on any device with zero client software installation, all centrally managed via the the Viewer administration center, similarly this can be managed by all of the main stream virtualization technologies. ENHANCE, Studio allows you to reshape how you interact with your Host system and core business data, giving you the freedom to adapt and evolve business processes, quickly realizing new efficiencies and gaining instant ROI and tactical advantages that are simply not available elsewhere, what.s more this can be done by a super user very quickly. EVOLVE, The Web Service generator transforms your host environment into a dynamic component of your business systems interface layer, normally confined to the transaction layer of the enterprise, these new tools will unleash your investment in your host system to freely interact with and feed tertiary business systems, increasing the availability, timeliness and integrity of key business data.

OASYS | BRIDGE Data Warehouse is a configurable near-real-time SQL replication engine. The platform leverages the OASYS|SERVER technology and provides data discovery, mapping, schema generation, triggered replication, high-performance ingestion services and robust error and service level management capabilities. The platform also contains options for event based replication, net change replication and the ability to configure updates from the SQL data in support of new application development.

SAPUG Evening session:

Attendees will be introduced to the Onsystex Modernization strategy that comprises of OASYS suite of products which include OASYS | OMNI, OASYS | WEB, OASYS | NET, OASYS | BRIDGE and OASYS SERVER. The OASYS Modernization Strategy provides organizations with a low risk step by step approach to migrate MV application business logic and data to maintstream technologies resulting in MV applications running in latest browsers, including all mobile devices, the MV application logic being utilized by both MV and .NET developers and MV data residing in SQL databases being fully normalized.

Tim Spells, President and Rick Weiser, VP of Product Management will be attendance to present the above.

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