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Next Meeting: December 4th, 2014

Rocket Software

Tom Loveless, Senior Sales Engineer

Rocket WebDE (you MAY know it as Redback from years ago – but this is NOT your father’s Redback!) to create an RBO (properties and methods that interface with U2); RESTful web service tool to expose the RBO(s), and Rocket Mobility Tool to build the app that uses the REST service(s) that uses the RBO to run the app on the mobile device. (As a sidenote to the WebDE part, we have a really cool monitor function coming out with WebDE before too long that would also be of interest to any current WebDE users.

For the afternoon session, Tom will be showing how Rocket tools will help developers create mobile apps based on U2 data and programs.

The Evening program we’ll talk about what’s coming in U2 – technology that we’re implementing; interfaces with other Rocket Software technologies, etc

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