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Founded in 1984, Entrinsik has established a strong presence as a provider of self-service reporting, ad-hoc data analysis, and interactive dashboard capabilities with an initial focus on MultiValue databases. Since its first release more than a decade ago, Informer has evolved into a trusted, award-winning BI solution that marries data retrieval from MV databases, SQL databases and spreadsheets in real-time. Informer has received highest rankings in "ease of use" and "end user standardization" with development of compelling reports and dashboard KPIs via a web browser.

3pm Technical session
Entrinsik Informer: See Under the Hood
Informer is a web-based reporting and business intelligence tool that simplifies the approach to reporting and data analysis. The presentation will cover administrative, power user topics relating to connecting to a MultiValue database along with relational databases, initial setup of semantic layer (mappings), security options, advanced reporting/dashboard use cases, utilizing JavaScript for calculated columns.

Evening session
Entrinsik Informer: Web-based BI for MultiValue!
Come hear about Informer, a top-rated Business Intelligence solution on TrustRadius and in BARC /Gleanster surveys, that connects directly and in real-time to multi-value databases. The presentation will cover how quickly and easily end users can modify and build their own reports and dashboards, pulling data seamlessly from multiple sources to gain insight and make better, data-driven decisions.

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